Easy Earring Application

Step 1: If needed, trim hair at earring site for   better visibility of the finished product

Step 2:  Using your Groomer Solutions Tweezers pick up an earring crystal; silver side facing out

Step 3: Put a drop of Bling It On!® Adhesive on the back of the earring crystal

Step 4: Lightly press the earring crystal in place

Step 5: Keep pet from shaking it's head for at least 35 seconds

Note: The heavier the adhesive application the            longer the earrings stay on

Earrings generally stay on 3-6 weeks before falling off naturally. Excess adhesive removes easily with baby oil

Bling It On! The ONLY LATEX FREE, non-toxic glue safe for use on pets

*****Caution: Most Adhesives contain latex, known to cause allergic reactions in pets the only way to remove these products is with Acetone.
So PLEASE be safe and Bling it On!®