Apply Nail Foils

Step 1:  Starting with a dry nail, brush Bling it On!® adhesive lightly and evenly over nail

Step 2Allow glue to dry (glue color will go from white to clear) You can speed up drying
               time using a blow dryer; on low setting.

Step 3:  Cut Foil to desired length; press on to nail (shiny or pattern side up) Rub thumb       
               firmly over the entire surface

Step 4:  Apply a clear top coat in one or two long stokes. Do not use repeated brush strokes.

Allow to dry completely before applying additional clear top coats if desired.

**** Caution: Most adhesives contain latex, known to cause allergic reactions
                          in pets. The only way to remove these products is with acetone!

                                               Be Safe, Bling it On!®




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