Apply Glitter Tattoos

             Glitter Tattoo Application with Bling it On!®

Step 1: Dip sable brush in Bling It On! ® adhesive and apply desired design on to the tattoo
             site. (Or, use your favorite stencil)

Step 2: Place a sheet of paper under the area of the tattoo; to catch excess glitter for reuse,
               and apply. If multiple glitter colors are desired, paint the first section, apply glitter
               and repeat the process for all other colors

Step 3: Lightly press glitter into the design. Brush off excess glitter and allow to dry.

Step 4: Clean sable brushes with baby oil

Tattoos will generally stay on up to1 week after application or can be removed with baby oil. The baby oil must sit on the site for a 3-5 minutes to dissolve the glue.

**** Caution: Most adhesives contain latex, known to cause allergic reactions in pets.
                   The only way to remove these products is with acetone!
                   So Be Safe and Bling it On!®



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